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Hostel Prague Běchovice. Prague center 35min by public transportation. We are located close to metro Cerny Most. There Praha Běchovice exit the station bus stop “Nad Běchovicemi”.


We offer one- to three-bed rooms for individuals, women, couples, businesses, tourists, artisans, workers, staff, students, who are always equipped with lighting, blinds and basic furniture, to each bed is available, wardrobe, desk, chair, or bedside table and lamp, buy equipment in a residential house IKEA. Of course there are at least two slots in each room. PVC floor covering or carpet. Rooms can be compared to the reserve retrofitted fridge. The rooms are cleaned after the departure of guests, at a time when the rooms are occupied, are accommodated required to maintain and clean their own rooms.


Kitchens are located on each floor of the building, always at the beginning of the corridor on the right side of the stairway. They are equipped with a sink for rinsing tableware and food preparation, dishwashing preparations and hotplates to heat treatment of foods microwaves to heat food, kettles to heat water, placing kitchens in each floor of the building. Here too, we strive to provide the proper observance of hygienic principles and ask accommodated to the premises of cuisines kept in order and purity for use by other accommodated. Staying again have use of the kitchen at any level. Riad in the preparation and consumption of meals you have to have your own.


It is always on each floor of the building, in close proximity to the stairway. Background is identical on each floor. Toilets – on each floor there are 4 separate toilets with cabanas, on the premises of the toilet jumbo toilet paper tray and four urinals for masters. Bathroom – equipment of each floor is at least 8 separate for basins, in close proximity to the showers. Sprchy- on each floor are four separate showering boxes with certainty, a sufficient amount of hot water from a central heating system of the building. Social hinterland premises are tidy every day. We pay attention to the proper observance of hygiene standards and the capacity of the space. Accommodated have the option of using any soc. background of floors in any building.


The reception area are at the main entrance to the building hostel, which is from the southern side of the main road príjazdovej. The reception is controlled working hours and serves in particular to communicate with the accommodated guests, here you can carry your bookings, payments, extension of stay, but also obtain the necessary information about us you are offering accommodation. Or, you can administer the information about your shortcomings detected, possibly defects. Our proper retraining, and the skilled staff are always met.


Entrance and hallways of our accommodation establishment are every day tidy and disinfected regularly, make it our aim is to provide clean, comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. Entrance, reception and any major corridors are under constant monitoring, this is primarily targeted at the control and security of our clients. Our goal is a peaceful and friendly coexistence of individual clients and to maintain the purity of the premises of the hostel.

Dayroom. Slots event rooms are furnished with tables and seating for at least twenty people.


Lift is right next to the staircase and is available to guests for light and move to a higher floor, the lift is modern and meets all of the simultaneous Guidelines.


The building is skolaudované according to present standards and thus all respects Regulation departing from the European standards, which relates to hygiene are all dimensioned slots above standards required standards and are maintained in a sanitary purity, of course, with respect to the current situation and the method of use, nevertheless the minimum delay correction. The building is very safe, after a recent Požiarne control is equipped with powerful ventilation system for discharging smoke požiarnymi sirens, for reporting two fire hydrants and fire extinguishing least three unit on each floor. For the case of a power outage are for ease of orientation to equip all emergency-lit hallway with tridsaťminútovú reserve. Each floor of the building is hoisted fire roadmap and properly labeled directions of escape routes. Lift the evacuation, therefore there is no seizure in a power outage. Behold an occupancy by persons add itself to the ground floor and the elevator doors are opened. Individual rooms are equipped with self-latching doors and protipožiarnymi with tridsaťminútovú fire safety protection, in every room is located a fire alarm, which activates the alarm. Furthermore, the object is covered with backup camera system with recording, which eliminates the occurrence of foreign persons and provides bezpečie in the common areas in the building, staying Nevertheless, we requested to his room properly locked, do not leave the rooms switched on electrical appliances unattended (in the rooms is strictly prohibit use any cooker tops, quick cooking kettles, microwave ovens and other, and other equipment intended for heating or cooling, use of these appliances are permitted only in areas of the kitchen), and in any case tampered in the room and in areas of the building with fire and combustibles!


We pay attention to proper observance of hygienic principles, so lodging facilities regularly cleaned and, disinfect our personnel who are properly trained and instructed cleaning public spaces, is ready to take your eventual observations, and possible warnings about pollution. Hallways and other common areas are cleaned every day regularly disinfected and inspected. Kitchens also undergo daily cleansing, nevertheless accommodation No strict observance of order and cleanliness galleys, with regard to the possibility of using kitchen Other accommodation! Restrooms are cleaned and checked regularly every day, of course we are ready to accept your comments in the case of sudden damage or accidental pollution.


We offer our customers free parking, which is under the direct supervision of the partial lighting and cameras.


We offer rental of washing machines, the price of one wash-employed 50 CZK, Washing machine located on the ground floor opposite the elevator.


On arrival, you must fill your details into the form and present a valid passport at the reception desk for entry into the lodging book.

Zamykajte a room, even if you go to the toilet or in the shower. Room keys can leave with you throughout your stay, leaving throw the key into the red mailbox with recepce.Děkujeme.

On the bundle have 2 Keys

  • the entrance door to the building
  • rooms from

At the hostel business card is a contact address, phone number, and a map of the service. Map transport links can be found on the lounge at the reception. Tickets purchased at a bus driver.


WINDOWS – Strict prohibition of tipping windows from locking. In case of Flip down the window and lock it in any way be made pictures and charged a fine for dismantling the window of 500, -CZK, for this amount will be issued a tax receipt for reimbursement. In the event that damage the window (example: broken hinge) pay repair including travel about 6,000 CZK. Replacement of the window frame to 30 000 CZK.

OPENING, LOCK THE DOORS – kindly accommodated to put their stops in the door hinges, or between the door and the jamb. Forcibly closing leads to cracking the door near the hinge or breakage. If you need to have an open door podkládejte the bottom between the floor and the door edge. Thus, based door may be ajar just does not impede others in walking max. 30º (this applies only in the case if you are present in the room, room doors are fire enclosure and must be kept closed).

If damage occurs to the door and hinges pay damages in full. Kettles, Remoska, frying pans ATD. You may only use in kitchens, rooms for cooking and smoking strictly prohibited !!! When cooking, you can not leave the kitchen area. Please Turn off the stove, encourage ecology, and basic human values.

Garbage room odnášejte into the container. Bin, situated in front of the building, to the left of the main entrance. Clear up after themselves cuisine. Turn off the stove, save water.

Observe silence of the night after 22 o’clock.

Nehlučte the corridors, not only during the day but especially at night respect the privacy of others – thank you.

All of the defects in the rooms and common areas should be reported immediately to the reception desk or phone 00420 608 770 660.

Faults vending machines should be reported on a phone that is on the machine. If you can not reach, at night or on weekends, send SMS: Běchovice, name, room number, description of the event, we’ll call you during working doby.najdete to lounge by the reception. Tickets purchased at a bus driver.


Observe basic hygienic habits. The toilets after themselves, wash basin. Save papír.Toaletní toilet paper, the following sanitary facilities for the sole reason that you might happen to be yours, not because you are wasting him.

The vacuum cleaner can be found on the first floor.

Shoes can be washed in the sink opposite the lift

Room cleaning are responsible for yourself, ensure cleanliness and personal hygiene. Fill with water in a bucket in the sink across from the elevator.

Bed linen is changed at the front desk after 14 days for free. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18 o’clock.

When leaving surrender bedding into the drawers at the front desk, to plot the garbage container and dispose room in an acceptable condition. Do not forget to hand over the keys.



Window blinds

With the blinds on the windows should be handled with utmost care. If it is possible not to pull out and only naklápět.Pro case of damage to small blinds 700, -CZK, large 1600 -CZK.


Everyone is obliged to notify the electric appliance and pay fees for energy according to the price list and length of stay.

typ Energetická třída CZK
FRIDGE 70 l (A +) 5, -CZK / day
FRIDGE 100 l (B) 10, -CZK / day
FRIDGE 150 l (A +) 10, -CZK / day
FRIDGE 150 l (B) 15, -CZK / day
ANALOGOVÉ TV podle odběru 10, -CZK / day
TV LCD, LED (A +) 5, -CZK / day
PLASMA TV podle odběru OD 15, -CZK / day
PC DESKTOP over 250W 5, -CZK / day
DESKTOP PC over over 600W 10, -CZK / day
NOTEBOOK + monitor 5, -CZK / day

Key deposit

This is refundable, composed in advance at the start list and returns at the end of accommodation, so please departures should be reported to a day in advance. From this deposit is eventually pumped when losing keys, or minor damage to the equipment room. The deposit is set at 200 CZK / room deposit covers two keys to the room and entrance for each additional key is needed to pass an additional deposit of  200, -CZK. This advance payment will be issued a document which Please save this also serves to pick up the backup when leaving. 200 CZK loss supplement + deposit.


Ticketing. Vending ticket machines are installed at all metro stations and at surface transport stops. They are intended for the purchase of individual tickets. The first ticket before you get to the vending machine, can be purchased from the bus driver. The ticket is valid for bus, metro and tram is only limited by the time limit. (30min. 90min. 24hrs., Etc.)